9 Ways to Treat Yourself this Valentine's Day

9 Ways to Love Yourself this Valentine's Day

Whether you're spending Valentine's Day alone, with your girlfriends, with your significant other, or maybe even with your pups ;)... Here is a list of 9 girly things you can do to indulge in yourself. After all, the best way to be lovable is loving yourself first! (pictured from left to right)

1. Get a fun manicure. One of my favorite things to do is find inspiration from Pinterest, and take it to my local "Polished" Salon. They can recreate just about anything!

2. Buy yourself flowers. There is nothing wrong with buying yourself flowers. In the end they bring just as much pretty and joy. I like to pick some up from my local Whole Foods if I'm grocery shopping, or OKC's premiere 'Flowers To-Go' Shop, Dutch! I can always count on them to have my favorite peonies, just like the ones pictured above.

3. Send someone (anyone) a hand-made card. You don't have to be in lurve to show lurve. Send your best girlfriend, or sister, or mom a thoughtful surprise - it will make their day!

4. Go see a girly movie. Without fail, Valentine's Day is the best time for new chick flicks to be released. Give your dude a break, grab your tissues/chocolate/best friend and head out to AMC.

5. Put your face on. I don't care if you're doing absolutely nothing, put your face on this Valentine's Day. So you're staying in in your baggiest sweatpants with a gallon of ice cream? Perfect. Sit your ass in front of a mirror and experiment with new colors.. and if it goes horribly wrong? - grab a bottle of wine and laugh at yourself.

6. Splurge on something just for you. We're human and we are made to feel bad when we focus on ourselves. However, there is a healthy and happy medium. Today is the day to BUY THE SHOES. Just do it. There's a bag you've been eyeing for months or even years? Buy it. Can't afford what you really want? Buy your favorite dessert. For me, that would be 10 boxes of thin mints. Whatever your favorite anything may be, just make sure to buy YOURSELF something.

7. Eat Dessert. Speaking of desserts... Valentine's Day is the perfect excuse to eat chocolate covered anything! There are recipes for just about everything from a heart shaped cake to red velvet puppy chow and I guarantee you can't go wrong with the ingredients. Indulge yourself tonight, workout.. (maybe even twice) tomorrow. ;)

8. Relax and pour yourself a drink. Make yourself a cocktail and maybe even rim it with some fancy heart shaped sugar. You can purchase the exact one pictured above here.

9. Read a book, errrr don't. If you thought I was going to promote reading a book, you've been terribly mistaken. That would be false advertisement considering the only book I've read in the last year was the Bible and The 5 Love Languages for marriage counseling. All kidding aside, if you like to read.. find a fun/flirty easy read. If you're like me, head over to Kate Spade and do some window shopping.

Happy Valentine's Day to all the beautiful women that read this! I'm headed out to see Endless Love with my girlfriend!