Pot fillers, faucets and sinks - OH MY

As of yesterday, the pad of our future home has been started! We had a 6 hour pre-construction meeting on Tuesday that left my head spinning with ideas. I'm sure I had everyone in a frenzy and wondering when my stack of Pinterest and Houzz picture references would end. My favorite quote from our meeting was when our builder said, "that's an architect's daughter for ya" .. I took this as a compliment. :) My husband calls me a control freak.. I call myself prepared. A girl who knows what she wants.. what's so wrong about that?! All of the major decisions have been made. The budget is set. Then you have two little words that begin to haunt your every thought.. "change order".  For those of you that are new to the home building process, a change order is anything that alters the price of the contract. Upgrading something? change order.. deleting something you previously wanted? Change order. You get the point. It's easy (in my opinion) to forget about the floorplan/structural stuff and not have the desire to change it once it's set. The hard part is the cosmetic stuff. I am at a crossroads here. Unfortunately all plumbing fixtures have to be chosen.. yesterday. For plumbing purposes (which are structural) I have about 24 hours to MAKE UP MY MIND. So this is the part where I lay it all out.

Dilemma #1

What do you mean a pot filler costs $850?potfillerPot filler - Fill pots right where you need them, and avoid carrying heavy, filled pots across the kitchen. Is it really necessary? No. Does it look heavenly? Yes. Do I need it? No. Do I want it? Yes. See my problem?

Dilemma #2

You mean this gorgeous piece of chrome doesn't come standard?


Of course the sink faucet I'm drawn to is a $500 upgrade. Times like these I really wish I didn't follow so many design blogs. But how do you pair a flawless farm sink with anything less? You just don't.

Dilemma #3

Wall Mount vs. Floor Mount


I like fancy things. But how fancy can I afford to be? These accessories aren't going to pay for themselves. The inner dreamer in me says, ya let's get the $1300 floor mount faucet. Then the inner "there are kids starving all over that deserve that money" side of me that brings me back to reality.

 Part of the fun of building a house is seeing all of the cool options there are. No, I may not be able to purchase everything I find so beautiful but that doesn't make the process ANY less exciting. I feel so fortunate and blessed to be experiencing this time of my life with my husband. He is truly making my dreams come true. End rant.