5 things you don't want to do on your wedding day

As a wedding coordinator and former bride, there are some things I wish I could tell you before it's too late. There are just certain things that no bride wants to/should have to do on her big day. Let's list a few (or 5) of them out. 1. Time Management. This one is HUGE. I don't care if you're the planner to the stars.. no bride wants to be responsible for managing everyone else's day on her day. Your wedding day is about you and you deserve to feel as relaxed and happy as possible! With that being said... you don't want to put the pressure on your mom/sister/maid of honor either. They want to enjoy the day with you and celebrate you in a stress free environment. And let's be real.. you need them by your side just as much as they want to be there. Easy way around this - Hire a planner!

2. Vendor Management. Another big one. It's your wedding day and you have upwards of 5-10 different vendors coming together to make your day what you envisioned. Hopefully you hired professionals and not just your friends friend's friend, but even then - someone has to hold their master schedule. Another easy fix - Hire a planner!

3. Budget. While we're still somewhat on the topic of vendors, let's discuss Budget. Let's pretend it's your wedding day and you didn't hire a planner. You're running around like a mad woman and you have no idea where half your vendors are or when they're supposed to be there. One of the vendors you hired delivered a lesser product than what you saw in your head and now you have to deal with that. They pull out your contract and determine that due to the budget you had that is all they could offer. But why didn't you know this before? Who reviewed your contract with you? Who went to the vendor meeting with you? Oh, that's right. Just you and a friend. Fix number 3, once again - Hire a planner!

4. Linens. You googled "wedding linens" and ordered the exact amount of tablecloths you needed. Only one problem. They arrive to your venue the day of your wedding and they need to be pressed. You have 15 tables and a couple hours until pictures start.. Who is going to iron your linens? Again, not something you want to deal with. Hire a planner.

*side note: after this past weekend, I feel compelled to throw out there that not every planner takes linens as seriously as I do.. after working weddings as a floral designer this weekend with a planner I did not know, I'd like to add that you definitely want to ask the planner you choose how they would handle this specific situation. If their reply isn't 'run to walmart to buy a steamer and stand in the corner pressing each linen until they're perfect' then they probably aren't your person.. that is, unless you like wrinkled table linens. ;)

5. Floral. You have 500 photos of different arrangements that you have to have, and your florist tells you it's going to cost twice your budget. So instead, you decide you can 'easily' replicate the pictures and that you'll just buy the flowers yourself and arrange them the night before. Wrong. There is alot more to an arrangement than one would think. For certain looks, some even have to be wired (i said it) WIRED into the arrangement. Certain conditions and temperatures can cause flowers to wilt or die. And the oh see easy alter arch you saw on Pinterest isn't the best project to try out your DIY skills. Especially not on your wedding day. So, what do you think my resolve is for this? Yep, you guessed it.. Hire a planner. :)

I could go on and on, but you are a smart girl and I know you get my point. A good wedding planner will have the knowledge and tools to see your vision and guide you in the right direction. They will have the professional contacts that you need to insure a flawlessly executed event. Maybe your budget doesn't allow for a full blown wedding designer, but most (including me) will offer day of wedding coordination packages, as well as, a la carte options. I promise, you won't regret it!

Happy Planning!