Anthro Hat Hack

I'm officially deeming every Friday *FriDIY* from here on out! So follow along, and be prepared to get creative and send me suggestions for DIY projects that you would like to see! I couldn't start the first of the FriDIY series out with anything but the best, so today I give you.... the ANTHRO HAT HACK!

We've all been there.. trolling Pinterest when all of the sudden ..AWWWWW.. that one item comes across that you instantly pin to your "wish list"... Of course after it has been added to its proper place, you instinctively look at the price to see how long this wish list item may take to get. Hmmm.. could I swing this as a birthday gift to myself, oh shoot no. Maybe I'll ask for this ONE thing for Christmas? Ehh... you get the point. We've ALL been there. Unless of course you have loads of money and never want for anything and in that case.. why are you reading DIY material anyway? But that's neither here, nor there. I'll let the picture do the talking.

Need I say more? I would give my right arm to be on that beach right this moment! Also, I'm OBSESSED with this hat. Which is why I nearly choked to death when I read the price tag. Go ahead, click on that little photo and you will see what I mean... What's that you say??? You can't afford to spend $450 plus shipping on a hat? How odd.. NEITHER CAN I.. nor would I if I could! So that's why I made it myself... for under $30 and one hour of my time, might I add. And now I'm going to share with you how you can too! :)

What you'll need:

a wide brimmed straw hat like the one pictured here from  Forever21.

a stained by SHARPIE fabric marker - I got mine at Hobby Lobby.

a picture of your hat hack to refer to - I just printed mine off of Pinterest.

a hot glue gun and sequins or jewels of your choosing - I used 3 packs of these black jewels from Michael's.

Step 1: Practice writing with your fabric sharpie on some scratch paper to get your letters the way you want them to look! 

Step 2: Write out the phrase you want onto the hat using your fabric Sharpie.

Step 3: Use a hot glue gun to glue on your sequins or beads, following the guideline you made with the Sharpie.

Step 4: Stand back in awe of your beautiful work that someone else in this world paid $450 for!! Now you can use all that money you saved to book your ticket to the beach! ;)

Let me know what you think of the first FriDIY project! I'm looking forward to your feedback!! If you try this project yourself, be sure to #anthrohathack and tag @xohaleighkenney on instagram. I'd love to see what you create!!!


Haleigh Kenney