I dreamed of having a baby girl since pretty much I was a baby girl, so it’s no surprise that I started planning her party quickly after she was born (OK, maybe even before). My best friend and business partner (Tara) threw me the most magical baby shower a couple months before my due date. You can see it here. Literally the most thoughtful gesture I’ve ever received. There were tons of flowers, a beautiful cake by RoundHouse Bakery, a long tablescape, and REAL butterflies fluttering around us. We were outside in the middle of the gardens and it was just absolutely perfect. I knew that I wanted to involve all of those same elements, but having a winter baby it couldn’t be outside. My next thought was, well duh, we’ll just have it at our studio in Bricktown. So that’s what we did. Tara designed the invites.. placing each of the 50something butterflies into the perfect spot, we decided to have everyone bring desserts to take to children’s hospital following the party in lieu of gifts and deliver to waiting rooms just like families did for us. Megan with Oh Honey Paper Co. addressed the most perfect shade of lavender envelopes with vintage stamps, and off went 20 invites to mostly family and people most dear that helped get Hildie where she is today. It was small, intimate and perfectly captured by Ely Fair Photography.

If it wasn’t for the allergic reaction Hildie had that landed us in the ER that afternoon, it would have been the most perfect day. We joked that Hildie just really wanted to skip the rest of the party and get to the hospital to see her friends. The girl likes to keep people on their toes ;) While Hildie was being monitored for two hours, I quickly ran upstairs to deliver the desserts. The CICU waiting area was packed. People were even standing. We filled the coffee tables with desserts and explained that we were sitting right were they are a year ago. I know that we delivered atleast one smile for them that day, and that’s all we were trying to accomplish. I think we’ll make this a tradition.

The past year has been the biggest blur of blessings. The fastest year of my life. I’m not sure how it feels like both yesterday and a lifetime ago that Hildie made her grand entrance into the world. Her birth story is something that stays vivid in my mind. Hildie was labeled a #heartbaby at 19 weeks in utero. I remember walking into children’s hospital for the first time to hear the news. The first thing I noticed walking in were glass butterflies hanging from the ceiling. I’m not sure why but I found comfort in them. Throughout our stay I found myself staring at them when I needed a moment to myself. God intervened in so many ways the day we found out about her condition and all the days that followed. I can honestly say, while we were scared, we were never alone and we BELIEVED wholeheartedly that she’d make it through whatever came her way.

And she did, and she will. Hildie Jean Josephine, our #heartwarrior, our ONE year old miracle baby girl. We love you so!!!