With Growth Comes Change

It all started when…

I was in between jobs in 2012 and working for a family friend. On my lunch break, one day, I strolled passed a gorgeous flower studio and was immediately taken aback. I started freelancing shortly there after, and I've been flowering whenever possible ever since.

When I initially started XO in 2014, I thought I was going to be a wedding planner and maybe just freelance on the side now and then. I really enjoyed the event planning side of my PR degree and thought I'd be happiest in that sort of role. I quickly realized how much more joy I felt when I was creating for brides and able to bring their visions to fruition myself by both planning and designing floral for their big day. (side note: that run on sentence bothers me as much as it does you)

Fast forward two years, and I had my first born.. a son, named Carver. Running your own business  while learning how to do the whole mom thing on little sleep was a whole new kind of training I hadn't prepared for. And honestly, there really isn't a way to prepare for it. XO was my baby.. until it wasn't. Now I had a real, living, breathing baby and that became my new favorite "job."

In 2017 I had finally mastered the whole working mom thing, so I decided to start another company with my best friend/former bride, Tara Towns. We are both super creative + passionate people who thrive off of making things happen.. and quickly at that. We found an adorable run-down/vacant sublease in downtown OKC and knew we could turn it into something magical.. and that we did!

Insert fête OKC here. Fête started out as a specialty event rental company + retail front, and now it's turned into something much more collaborative. (more on this soon)

The evening before we left for Dallas market to buy for our studio, I found out I was pregnant with baby #2 completely unexpectedly. To say I was a little overwhelmed might be an understatement, but I was also extremely excited to be growing my family. I have always wanted two kids, but after trying for over a year with our first, I was just surprised it happened so quickly.

2017 was one of those life-defining years. With the exciting news of being pregnant with a baby girl, also came the news that she had a heart condition and was going to need open heart surgery immediately to survive. Our world was rocked. On top of that, my husband had lost his job two weeks before we heard the news. Looking back, I can see the blessings raining down along the whole journey, but when we were in the thick of it, I wasn't sure I was going to make it out the same person. And really, I didn't. The last year changed me entirely, but I believe it has all been for the better and all part of God's plan. I won't share all the details here, but I now have a crazy happy two year old boy and a perfect 5 month old baby girl. I got to see God work miracles and it has been the most humbling experience. One that has now shifted my goals for XO and its future. 

Now i know this is a long explanation for why I decided to rebrand, but without giving you the back story it felt confusing. And I like to keep things simple. To better serve our floral clients, we will no longer offer wedding planning services. We will outsource this service to our sister company, as well as refer to our beloved wedding planner friends.

XO Flowers & Events is now XO by Haleigh Kenney. A floral boutique in OKC flowering for the timeless bride. We are celebrators of life and love and I am looking forward to sharing more flowers + life with you all through this site.